Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Unusual Trail of Guilford Westwoods

  (This is a little backwards of how I came across the New England National Scenic Trail, I plan on checking it out fully later on.) 
     “The landmarks are named like the features of a Harry Potter adventure: Lost Lake, Great Fallen Cliff, Indian Cave, and Plank Walk. One expects to find some miniature grablenurfs dancing in the crag between split-rock-cypress,” it is written at the Connecticut Explorer Blog. There are many beautiful photos here, such as the above, which starts me thinking about the Ethnographic Cultural and Ceremonial Sacred Landscape underlying the modern, and this one below as well:

Has someone at some time modified that stone into that rather testudinate shape, a turtle-like carving or "sculpture"  in the bedrock?"
And aren’t there similar marks, perhaps made by a stone hammer, making a semi-circle in the bedrock?? Is that a double row of stones in the pond? Isn’t that one more than a little testudinate?? 
      Another post reads: “The Menunkatuck Trail is the first/last leg of The New England National Scenic Trail. It extends North from Long Island Sound at Guilford Harbor to a junction with the Mattabesset Trail in North Branford. The 16 mile trail crosses through The Cockaponsett State Forest, Tiimberlands Preserve, and Nut Plains Woods. Other sections are along roads through Guilford town center. There are several good parking areas, and the trail may easily be split into three segments.”
I see places I’d be taking a closer look at…

(Another semi-circle:) 

…knowing it is quite near the Chaffinch Island Stone Fish Weir: 

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