Thursday, September 01, 2011

Chaffinch Island Weir

Half-tide at the stone remnants of the Chaffinch Island Fish Weir
Guilford CT (8/25/2011)

Higher tide two days earlier:

"Therefore, only stones remain today as evidence of these early fisheries. Chaffinch Island, a public park in Guilford, CT, shares a similar feature – a stonefish weir from a headland. Here a similar bowl coastal feature directed fish much in the same way. In South Cove, in Old Saybrook, at the northeast corner of this bowl, a pronounced stonewall protrudes to create a Vtrap (Tim Visel, Evidence of a Native American Brush Fish Weirs In South Cove, Old Saybrook, CT 2008).
(I was hoping for a view like this "Bing Capture" below and inspecting the weir and comparing it to the Nonnewaug Fish Weir with its testudinate sort of design, but I got the timing of the tide wrong - twice. Perhaps I'll return again someday...)

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