Thursday, May 15, 2014

Decorated Outcrops

Sometimes a place that you've been dozens of times suddenly comes into focus. That happened to me yesterday, a short little unplanned walk along a place once known as the Deer Park in Waterbury CT history: "We find mention, in Waterbury, in 1750 of The Park, also of "The Park fence " and " The Park gate "—leaving no doubt regarding the fact that at that date the region familiarly known as the Park was used as a deer park. It contained more than three hundred acres, and remains to this day a wild, rugged region, almost untouched by the hand of man.
In the past I'd always started walking the obvious stone row that is a little left of the center of the capture above, but yesterday I ended up over by the yellow push pin, a place where the outcrops at first looked quite natural, but have actually been humanly enhanced into shapes I do and don't really understand.
Turtles are the easy ones:
The first came into focus because of the beak and the eye... 
Stepping back, there's a stonework enclosure in front of it:
There were more as I climbed to the high point:

This one above has a few interesting features:

(The face on this on reminds me of a large structure photographed by Larry Harrop: 

I only had my phone as a camera, so I'll have to go back again sometime, to get better shots of this:

Side view: 
Quartz eye: 

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