Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Species Specific: Diamondback Terrapin

    "The diamondback terrapin is a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal
    swamps of the eastern and southern United States.
     It belongs to the monotypic genus, Malaclemys."

On a small hill overlooking a salt marsh in Madison CT, there is a species specific example of a stone representation of a Malaclemys Terrapin, also known as the Diamondback Terrapin.
Below, the turtle seemingly basks on the top of a stone row. 
Ornate Group Basking

Notice the nuchal notch in the carapace or upper shell, the large head below it...
The forelegs might possibly be a single split humanly enhanced stone. Note the black minerals in the stones that resemble the markings of the terrapin.
(This Diamondback Terrapin appears in this post:

The artistic incorporation of this species specific petroform into a stone row strongly suggests a Native American origin of this "stone concentration."
Other examples of artistic testudinate incorporation: 

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