Friday, August 16, 2013

Shoreline Greenway Trail 4

Salt Marsh Stone Row
Tom's Creek at Hammonassett SB
Madison CT
(2012 above and 1934 below.)

Above: Gravel Trailbed, Intersection of Trail and Salt Marsh Row in the distance.
Below: SGT Trail "breech," possibly an older breech of a less formal older trail and remnant stones of the original row.
Walking out toward Tom's Creek: 

And walking back to "shore:"

Edge of a Breech:

That "vee" shaped notch caught my attention...

And as I stepped closer I saw something familiar...

That Right (Possible) Foreleg greatly resembles a Left Front (Possible) Foreleg - at home.
And I mean along a zigzag row in my yard at my home:

And:  "Wait! I see another one!"


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    you should check out the east and neck river marsh lots of things to see but you may need a boat

  2. Thank you Anonymous (And I don't know if is this Anonymous is the same Anonymous that comments here now and then)! Comments and photos are always welcome. I once owned a rubber raft...

  3. That last photo made me laugh out loud because I saw the same thing in that first photo above that you had put the eyes in! dc.