Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mt Wachusett bing mapped

I used Peter's map at: to locate the place on Bing Maps. When I spin the images around in the bird's eye view option, north to east to south to west, I seem to think I see "Stone Walls" that are alot like Ron's "Rock Lines" photos...
One at random:

They look alot like

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  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Dear Mr. "Turtleman",

    Greetings from Delaware. Bing Maps Bird's Eye view can show remarkable detail not available (yet) on Google Earth, at least to my knowledge.Unfortunately, the stone "rock lines" featured on Ron's California site, on Lake Shastina and Sutter Buttes, do not yet have any "Bird's Eye" views available. Still, I recommend people that are interested use Google Earth to look at them - it is easy and especially fun to use Ron's rock line map for Sutter Buttes side by side with the Google Earth pictures.

    Bing Maps does have a fantastic Bird's Eye" view of the "East Bay Walls" (aka the "Berkeley Mystery Walls"). These are extensive ancient stone walls identical in construction to Ron's rock lines, that run intermittenly along the mountain ridges that run from Berkeley all the way down to San Jose, just east of the San Francisco Bay waters.

    To see them, just punch in "Misson Peak Regional Park" into the Bing Maps search function. Go to aerial maps and magnify. You will see a white building on the top of Mission Peak - it si a transmission tower. Start your search theere and many walls and partial walls can easily be seen, some a few yeards long, some miles long. For example look east of the tower about 4000 feet for a good example. Then go to Birds Eye and you will be quite pleased with the quality of the view. Astonishing.

    Best regards,

    Dave in Delaware.