Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stone Structures in South Africa

Dear Mr "Turtleman",
      I know you are interested in the ancient stone structures in New England and California from reading your blog and "Rock Piles". Here is something I just recently learned about that I think will be of interest to you - extremely extensive and very old stone structures in South Africa that bear an amazing similarity to the works in New England and California (and elsewhere in our country). This page has lots of good photos and information, and though I agree with them that the stuctures were not built by the Bantu tribesmen as claimed by the conventional academic wisdom (their equivalent to our conventional wisdom that the structures in NE were built by white settlers) I would not agree with age of the structures that these people claim. Lots to think about here, and you can itake the evidence and fit it into your own framework.
          I was totally amazed when I used Google Earth to look at the structures. I highly recomment it. Just go to these four points and start looking around.
Carolina -- 25 55' 53.28" S / 30 16' 13.13" E Badplaas -- 25 47' 33.45" S / 30 40' 38.76" E Waterval -- 25 38' 07.82" S / 30 21' 18.79" E Machadodorp -- 25 39' 22.42" S / 30 17' 03.25" E
     My hunch is these are Bronze Age structures that were used for mining gold, diamonds and other ores. Many ancient mine shafts have been found in the same area as the structures.
     I enjoy your blog and Rock Piles.
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                     D____ from Delaware

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  1. Great link, although further and more recent information is available from Michael Tellinger, who is currently touring the U.S.A. - he's a native of the locale in discussion and has co-authored several books with Johan Heine. Please visit: