Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, last night I just saw Al Dayton, a guy from my old neighborhood. His construction company got the contract to realign my road. He explained the markers to me. It turns out that they are going to build the west side of the road right up to my property line before zooming out to the east into the water company property - where the fog always forms over the wetlands- obliterating some ancient stone walls that are part of the cultural landscapes that occurred here, going back to prehistoric times.

My barn will be 39 inches from the edge of the road at one point, measuring off the stake they put in today.

Make that 39 and a quarter inches. I want to be honest - someone has to.

If I’m looking at it right, the southeast corner will be even closer.

They originally told me there would be this green space that moved the road away from my barn that their road sends water towards!!

No wonder the Town Planners didn’t notify me of the meetings by mail as they promised to in July 2005.

The whole idea was to ensure people’s safety while driving on my road.
Actually, it was to cut down on accidents on the state highway where it meets my road around which all these accidents occurred in the recent past, except for one – which happened at a spot that will remain exactly the same.

Is there really nothing I can do about it?
Am I going to have to watch it take place, lose that extra tiny little bit of property that separates me from the road, and see the ancient Indian stone rows disappear forever?


  1. Sorry for you Tim.

  2. It's a great loss, not just for me, but for whatever knowledge could be gained.
    It's a lesson in wisdom - or perhaps a lack of wisdom...