Saturday, May 19, 2007

Linear row views

The old school house and the linear row
and then some more views of this "Wall of no great importance - if you forget that it's an irreplaceable object of great antiquity and beauty, whether colonial or Native American in origin, that is part of the cultural landscape of a town that is proud of it's rural nature...

A letter from the CT State Historic Preservation Office was read that stated that the wall is considered to be of no great importance...

The end of the row connects to possibly a buried row along an ancient glacial lakeshore, I believe. Just as far away as the known "Contact Time" village, in the opposite direction is a rock shelter site.
This place was known and visited by Native People for probably 20,000 years.
Any guesses at the staggering number of artifacts that may be sleeping in the ground here? Any guesses at how much Knowledge and Wisdom and Beauty will be lost about a Sacred Cultural Landscape?

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