Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nice To Be Mentioned

It's nice to be mentioned in Rock Piles now and again.

Like in the recent "Group Walk in Estabrook Woods:"

"... when I first explored Estabrook woods, I photo'd a large propped rock on a support boulder which looked like a turtle's carapace. Tim MacSweeney had some fun with that photo. "

I did have fun with that photo, afflicted as I am with Turtle Vision, possibly a form of mental illness - or perhaps not.

Here's what that was all about, the stone and the fun...

And Dan Boudillion had a photo of a very similar looking stone that at first glance I thought was the same stone!

These photos (and more rantings and ravings) were originally published at the NEARA website, under the title "Turtle Vision," as a "guest perspective."

"What you see is an illusion of what you see, until you learn to see what you're seeing."

There is a difference between a hallucination and an illusion...

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  1. I am pretty sure Dan B's picture is of the same rock as my picure. Apparently it is not such an obscure rock after all.