Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Scanner day

My scanner acts up every once in a while.
It's frustrating.
So how about this:

Here's some stone worked spring things:

I did actually date the Spring dicovery as sometime in August 1997...

... the hillside above this spring is all terraces with stone rows on top of them, springs and outcrops linked by mostly linear - as opposed to zigzag- stone rows, which I mention because the Rock Piles post of yesterday asks, "Where else are similar rows (Etc)."

Here's a much more simple spring near "The Wigwams."

I think I once sent Norman or Peter (or both) a copy of this photo because he had photographed a similar one. Maybe I didn't because the scanner was acting up...

Here's a "Soon Come" future post I'll put up. Seems I wrote myself a note in Sept. 1997 to go back and check out a place (that I wrote down the wrong name of the road). Almost 10 years later I took some photos...

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