Wednesday, January 10, 2007

“Aquêtuck !”

“Wunnóhquand auntau,”

The Peace Spirit Speaks;

“Wunnand auntau,”

The Good Spirit Speaks:

“Aquêtuck !”
Let this warring cease!

“Tuppaûntash !
You—consider my words !
“Mishaúntowash !”
You—speak out !
Wunnétu ntá
My heart speaks the truth
"Wáme pìtch chíckauta mittaùke"
- the whole world before long shall be burnt
"Manìt ánawat,"
God commands,
"Cuppittakúnnamun wèpe wáme,"
That all men now repent,
“Nisquanemanit auntau:”
The Spirit of Mercy Speaks:

“Aquêtuck !”
Let us cease this warring !
“Aquêtuck !
Aquêtuck !”

“Kummoúwinneem aquéne–ut”
We gather in peace
“Popowuttáhig nanátowash !”
Let the DRUM truly speak !

“Wunnóhquand auntau,”
The Peace Spirit Speaks:
“Aquêtuck !”
Let this warring cease!
“Aquène ! - Peace !

Written January 10, 2007, just before I turned 51 years old, about 12 hours before a televised speech is “unveiled” (as if it’s not totally transparent) announcing a “Surge” rather than an “Escalation.” It’s my birthday and I can make my own speech!
The poem was created by pasting in words and their translations as put together at: - “Spirit Names and Religious Vocabulary” by Dr. Frank Waabu O'Brien, Aquidneck Indian Council, where in the footnotes I find:

“Oral tradition speaks of the constant warring between ‘Wunnand” and “Mattand - the Spirit of Evil.” and the rituals and ceremonies to find the balance between these two forces in the natural, preternatural and supernatural realms of being and doing.
(Dr. Frank Waabu O'Brien)
“Taupowaüog…they make solemne speeches and orations, or Lectures to them, concerning Religion, Peace, or Warre and all things”
(Roger Williams, 1643, p. 128).

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