Thursday, June 15, 2006

Two More Original Drawings

Sometime or other I came across the concept of Paleoindian People expanding the Mast Forest by burning in more than one source and, inspired by that, drew this picture of a hilltop that includes use of stonerows to do so.

It has the Turtle Petroform and a nearby mortar stone in it and is based on site near my house...

And I found another stonerow drawing of the whole valley, again way too rectangular looking and not to scale, but the idea is there...

I try to remember that "Ecological" Native American point of view regarding life and the world that says, "Everything is connected."

All the features you see are not just the single features but are part of the "Web of Life." It's like circles. The circle of your heart in the circle of your family in the circle of your home in the circle of your camp along the circle of the river you live along surrounded by the circle of sea in the circle of the world...

(Blogger's spell check suggests replacing "paleoindian" with "valentine's" and "stonerow" with "stoner." I don't think so.)

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