Friday, June 16, 2006

The story is that Gideon Mauwee, or Hungry Bear, was out hunting when he came across the place called Schaghticoke, near what's now Kent, CT.
He gathered people together there - probably some that had lived at the "Fresh Water Fishing Place." He was the leader, the Sachem, the Keeper of the Peace.

“It was Mauwee’s vision and leadership abilities that enabled the people to come together. He welcomed other native people… called out to friends and relatives to join him in this new place called Schaghticoke. By 1740, the Schaghticoke population had peaked, with over 500 native people moving into the area,” writes Trudie Lamb Richmond (Enduring Traditions p. 108).

I like to think that he came upon the place by following rows of stone in the mast forest surrounding the cornfields that today no one knows the location of.
I think that valley looked a lot like the Fresh Water Fishing Place.

Was he all alone?
Was he with a hunting party?
Were they checking out the area the rows bordered so they could drive deer with fire?

I like to think he found a turtle near where some rows met, like this one where linear met zigzag...

Did he follow the row to a river or a field?

Did he pass some mounds, stones on stones, where he burned tobacco?
More turtles? A bear? A deer?

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