Friday, June 09, 2006

I was telling you about “Waking Up on Turtle Island” wasn’t I?
Before I got distracted, I mean.

Here’s a scan of my notebook, a sketchbook really, with a date of “Summer 1997” on the page before it:

I find I wrote:
“Halfway into the seventh year of following intuition that I was seeing Native American Stonework radiating out from a serpentine stone row around what may be the … Burial Grounds, I came across the Turtle in this photograph.” The photo is gone but here’s a scan and a later digital photo:

Under the photo I wrote, “The Key” turned by “Turtle One”
“This brought many of the stone fences I’d been thinking of as N.A. Stonework into focus. You might say they were composed of turtles of varying sizes & artistic abilities, sometimes strikingly beautiful as well as plain “ordinary” stones – each is unique as the individual who constructed it.“Since then I’ve lost count of just how many others I have come across. Now I know there’s no way to date when a stone was placed on or near another one, or by whom, or exactly why, but the widespread distribution of similar constructions of an animal revered by Native Americans in a place they referred to as Turtle Island… well draw your own conclusions.”


  1. Thank you for your informative and well-written blog. I promise, if I use any of your info anywhere, I'll give you credit!

    This is great and relevant information.

  2. Thanks!

    I've looked at your stuff too - great as well!!