Thursday, December 06, 2018

Somewhere in Greater RI

I just saw this, this morning:

Greater Rhode Island Ruins
October 25, 2018
Courtesy of a reader ... unfortunately, I could not find his name ... BOO!

I just observed this, this morning:
If you asked me if I thought this might be an Indigenous-made Stone Chamber, I might say very possibly because the stones are stacked like this:
I might even say it might be a "Pesuponck"
 because many people translate the word like this:
Pesuponck Washington County, R. I. Narragansett, "a hot house." 
Roger Williams tells of such sweathouses where the men 
went "first to cleanse their skin, secondly to purge their 
bodies. ... I have seen them run (summer and winter) into 
brooks to cool them without the least hurt." Several such 
place names are found throughout Connectitut, Rhode Is- 
land and elsewhere in New England... 
  That's John Huden from here:
I'd copy and paste this:
"The earliest description of sweat-houses in New England was from Roger Williams, who lived among the Narragansett in present-day Rhode Island.
Pesuponck; an hot house. This hot house is a kind of little cell or cave, six or eight feet over, round, made on the side of a hill, commonly by some rivulet or brook. Into this frequently the men enter, after they have exceedingly heated it with store of wood, laid upon a heap of stones in the middle. (Williams [1643]1968:236)
Lifted from this, this morning:

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