Monday, June 20, 2016

Round Yet Rhomboidal White Eyed Snake

In a Row of Stones (Litchfield CT)

    It begins or ends like this - or maybe it is just what remains to date, the end of Spring 2016:
If you look close, you'll see a triangular stone still sitting there - or "standing upright on the top center of this stonewall:" 
Check your regular field guide to Stone Walls and you can assume that this is a well built, possibly formerly maintained, Estate Wall, complete with some flat fieldstone capstones...
Observing closely for signs of possible Stone Turtles since others were present at another section of this long row of stones (or several segments of similar rows of stone assumed to be stone walls, a quarter mile south along the same former trail turned into modern highway), I spot one particularly obvious one with a nice foreleg with the suggestion of toes:
Another, larger turtle effigy in stone:

Nice Rhomboidal Stone - a "diamond:"
To the left:
A couple of quartz turtle heads? 
A quartz inclusion (or two); an eye, maybe a fang as well??
Maybe two eyes, after all, sort of round but sort of rhomboidal - and sort of white:
Step back:
Imagine: stones laid down behind a stone with what looks like a snake head with white eyes, followed by a course of stones to make a snake's body...

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