Thursday, May 19, 2016

Even More of that "Little Sunday Morning Walk"

   That little walk around Tom's Farm turned into a little walk into the northwest corner of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Preserve. Tom's Farm shows a jumble of stones and junk - and is quite a collection of historic wire fences. Lots of activity happened, and still happens there.
   A little farther up the road, less activity was going on - in 1934 it looks like woodland, maybe filling in old pasture land:
    That's where the stone walls get really interesting. Recent photos include this one:
If it wasn't part of a longer stone wall, I might get some agreement that it's a stone snake or serpent.
Same with this segment:
(You could place an antler or horn in that groove perhaps.)
One more:
And that pointed stone just behind the larger stone? 
Could that be meant to represent a single horn on a serpent??
This row of stones links to some out crops - and just maybe there's some more "serpenty stuff" going on there, under all that dead fall and debris:

There is a lot to look at in here in this Refuge: 
I just wonder if anyone else besides me is thinking about the stone walls and occasional stone mounds as pre-contact Indigenous or Native American constructions, it being federal land and all, paths being made, stones moved about and other activities:

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