Monday, May 23, 2016

Another One at the Southeast Corner

So I'm still looking at, thinking about the foundation and the dripstones. Somebody at sometime "took them out," you could say, so I'm looking at the ones left nearly in place, looking around for where similar stones have ended up. 
  And this was a few weeks back when I looked up and said to myself, "There's another one," meaning a snakes head in a course of stones. The light just happened to be right for me to see the shadows that brought it into focus:
So I got up close:
The long stone extends under the south facing porch, but the suspected snake is looking southeast, resting it's head on the head of another, a smaller stone like a lower jaw between the two.
Too close?

It's possible that the snake head is also part of a larger snake extending across the eastern front side of the house and incorporates the smaller snake outlined in yellow.
Stepping back to where I was in the first place, there seems to be a similar smaller snake incorporated into the larger snake(s) of the retaining wall:
Just a little to the left:
Just a little left and upward, my research assistant has nothing to say:
This just may be a pattern, this Serpent Stacking, as I call it.
As opposed to "where none exists."
And I may have to go up to the Indian Cave and look at the stacking for "something familiar:"

I may have missed something there...

"Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists." -

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