Sunday, April 17, 2016

316 (Plus or Minus)

     “Well, you know,” I was saying to Curt, “All we have to do to prove that this (above) or any of the others is a sculpted (zoomorphic and species specific) snake-like image but all weathered and lichen covered, is to make a couple ourselves and promise we’ll meet up and check in on them every couple hundred years and see how long it takes for the weathering to catch up.”
       Well, I was joking around when I said that.
       In the meantime, I started to realize that what I thought was Euro-American stonework around our home might more likely be the work of the Indigenous People who lived nearby, rendering a date of around 1700 – with 316 years’ worth of weathering and lichen growth.
       Suspecting Native American Iconography in the foundation as I began restoration of the east face of the house, I exposed a long buried and unexposed segment of stone at the southeast corner.

       I think I can show Curt what to expect when we meet up 316 years from today, when looking at this at noontime (looking toward the north).

In the morning light, it looks like this:
In the afternoon, splashed with water to bring out the color:
Compare some details:
Last image of Eastern Massasauga is from:
Update to this (4/18/2016):

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