Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Search Google for This Image

    Once again, someone is telling me about the ruins of a Viking settlement somewhere in the world.
    “Where is it this time?” I wonder. Last week or so it was somewhere on the Hudson River, but this time the article tells me about a site discovered in Western Australia. And it’s “very similar to the various Viking colonies discovered in Groenland and Iceland.”
      There’s even a photograph to prove it.
      Well, sort of.
      I right clicked on the image and choose the option that says “Search Google for this image.
     World News Daily Report’s cropped photo shows up, sure enough (and in about 70 other places that echo the refrain: History books will have to be re-written!), but so does a larger image – in just 6 places - of Scotland’s Shetland Island: 

What can we learn from this story?

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