Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Anthropomorphic Morning Continued

(From: Here)
A linear row of stacked stones, and looking closer,
perhaps another possible grinding slick and mano stone
partially obscured by a decaying birch dead fall: 
I walked along this row a bit...
...and came to a gateway I recognized from my last visit here:

So I turned uphill, headed southeast toward some unexplored territory, finding it sort of "stone-free."
Until I came across a stone row that sort of "divided the less steep from the steeper part of the hill."
I don't have a good photo yet, can't locate it on any aerial views and tried to enhance the photo:

To the left is the end of the still standing row. I'm not sure about whether or not that may be sort of "serpenty" - it looked disturbed to say the least and is all covered in debris. I followed along the more intact part to the right, down toward a stream...

The row isn't stacked to a certain single height but rather undulates, snake-like, as above. It also includes bright quartz/quartzite stones as well as some testudinate or "turtle-like" inclusions, such as in the selection of a single stone (perhaps representing a head and shell) below: 

And an artistic stacking of a head stone below a carapace stone with a hint of a nuchal notch:

The row eventually joined another row (with a kind of "jumbled" gap in between). I wish I could capture a better aerial of it, but did find little glimpses of it once I was able to recognize the stream side "riparian border" row of stacked stones:
Wider view  with topographic map inset: 
Again with the Turtle:
This one above faces the stream:

(To be continued...)

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