Thursday, August 06, 2015

Ruins and Ruined

“Although the spirit is different from a sage plant to a willow
and between grandmother and grandfather rocks,
each is unique, has a purpose, and an inherent right to life. 
To cause harm to the embodied spirit within rocks,
 rattles and drums, water and willows or for that matter, to the self or each other, 
is to cause harm to the blood energy that runs through all sacred beings
—it is to pirate its spirit.
 This is what I mean by the term, Spirit Piracy…”

From: Native Spirituality: Spirit Piracy and Native Sweat Lodges
 by Line Denise Laplante

From my "Looting" file:
Another place not too far away from where I live.
A name of a place keeps popping up lately and people say,
"Sounds like your kind of place."
Well, it ain't.
Not by a long shot.
For many reasons.
The capture above, a Trail Map below...
My "trail" to this started here:

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