Sunday, August 30, 2015


   I invite people all the time to look at long lines of stones, see this or that turtle or bear or diamond shaped rhomboidal stone in it – even what looks like human faces. And here at the end of the line, which may really be the beginning of the line of stones, to observe what looks like a snake – or a Great Serpent. Sometimes I draw eyes on them, just to emphasize the idea – even though sometimes I don’t have to because I’ve caught the light just right or some other human’s hands have done so already.

    I urge people to follow those lines they see – the stone ones on the ground, I mean.
    I urge people to read about the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere and the Landscapes they created and maintained, the artwork they created in a wide variety of media, the Traditional Knowledge they passed on over many generations.

    People, some of whom show me photos of some very interesting things – stone things, I mean – keep inviting me lately to look at “Lines.” Very Long Lines, I mean, Lines that cross states and countries and oceans, and I’m not quite sure what they mean to say. Sometimes I suspect that I think I know where they get these ideas.
   Sometimes I suspect pseudoscience books and all those Chariots of the God’s sort of writers who drag in all sorts of mostly “white people” – sometimes influenced by people from other planets, but lately I mostly suspect Cable TV – and Netflix and Hulu Plus and all those other applications you can use to view these programs on your computer or fancy-pants phone.

    The single episode of America Unearthed that I watched comes to mind, where someone started a line on a google earth map at something once called Mystery Hill in New Hampshire, now labelled America’s Stonehenge and linked it up to Stonehenge in England and somehow or other linked it to the (suspected location of the) Ancient Library of Alexandria, proving somehow that white people built all three on purpose.
     I’ve got a better research project in mind; let’s put all those places that have been investigated by Wolter and draw a line to his off-shore bank account…


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