Monday, February 02, 2015

Megaliths, Continuous and Silent, Stuctures of Unknown Significance

    I happened upon the photo above just a little while ago, someone repurposing "stone walls." I was surprised to see see it wasn't that far away - and that I hadn't heard about it before. I should go talk to the man, see if he'll let me look at some untouched stonework, perhaps find and show him the artwork that may already be there. Some existing stonework, including some massive "stone walls" is visible in aerial views from bing maps (and I may have been at this spot once years ago before the former owner, "Uncle Frank," passed away):

Hogpen Hill:

        "Hogpen Hill Farms LLC is ET's 234-acre tree farm and landscape sculpture park in Woodbury, Connecticut with 100 artworks. Next annual open house June 13, 2015. Artists, art writers, and clients can arrange a private tour at email" Tifte writes, "I think of the pieces as being made from two materials, stone and air. Much of thinking about the works is devoted to seeing and reasoning about the airspaces generated by positioning the stone. The work is also installation art; the artist controls the artwork's location, shapes the surrounding land, creates platforms for views, and plants architectural evergreens nearby.
      As the works are completed, I will try to write more about them.
      For now, here are some artworks that are, I hope, beyond words. 

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