Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Making Snakes from Other People's Pictures

I might steal one or two of Matt Howe's photos from his blog
And maybe stick some eyes on it in my paint program, you know, some very minimal enhancing, just to get the idea across that this might be an Ophiomorphic Petroform, possibly a Horned Serpent:
And then there's this one:
It appears from the photos to be placed on bedrock, along with some other boulders and stones, but I'm not sure if that's the stone in the distance here:
 Was it all exposed bedrock when Indigenous People were taking care of the place?
      Is there a pattern to the other stones, is there a path that spirals in?
Is the bedrock the Serpent's body - does a stone row break out from there?
             Where does that go? What's after that?
                How would it all look from above?


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I am reading a great and simple little book: "A Handbook of Stone Structures in Northeastern United States" I recommend it if you haven't checked it out already!

  2. Yes, that is a good book!

  3. These are amazing photo enhancements you made! You know exactly what you are talking about (obviously) and are asking all the right questions, some that I did not think of. If I had to make a bet I would say all the stone spirals and propped stone-work was probably put in place when bedrock was exposed- well, you know this is probably true, I know it, it's just a shame these works aren't more well-recognized for what they are. Next time I go back to this site I will look for an entry-way around the stone spirals.