Monday, February 10, 2014

dc's Redding CT Photos

   Another November, another group of photos from my friend dc, rambling along many rows of stones in the woodlands of Redding CT sometime in the recent past (2011). Somehow, I think I never posted them up, perhaps only replied to dc via email.
      They really are some beautiful photos - and there is that "Indian Look" to some of them, most of them. There's possibly a Great Serpent or Snake, more than one Turtle, and that other "crawl" up to and sometimes over an out crop row of stones. 

       There is also no "white stuff" covering up the stones in these photos from that almost snowless winter...


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM


    Glad I can contribute something! The rows back there are quite extensive, and can be seen on Google Earth pretty well (probably Bing as well). dc.

  2. Do you have some captures of the specific rows in the photos? Would make a nice post...