Friday, February 14, 2014

dc and Google Images

     After reading a post here or on Rock Piles, my friend dc often sends me some Google Earth Images he has accessed, sometimes choosing between many aerial photos that were taken years ago, in the snow, in the spring, low rainfall years etc. Above is one related to a post of Peter's, a nearby row of stones and a pond of some sort...
    I asked if he had some captures of the places he’d been in Redding Ridge {}, out of curiosity mostly. I try to do this myself, since it’s pretty eye opening sometimes. But unless you really know an area, it often not easy to do…

     "A general view of the area in Redding Ridge with many miles of rows, many linking outcrops,” writes dc and attaching this screen capture:
 I messed around with the image some, added some dots and lines, sort of like stringing beads:

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