Friday, October 18, 2013

Perhaps that's a deer...

"Perhaps that's a deer," I thought when I saw the first photo in a series at Secret Landscapes, here on this post:
Above I've taken a crop of the original photo on the top left and to the right of that enhanced in some eyes and a nose -that I seem to think might have actually been possibly pecked into the stone (without actually seeing it in person etc.). Moving clockwise, I added a photo I stole on-line somewhere of an actual Whitetail, and then a photo of my own from 1997, most likely a "Deer's Head Tobacco Sacrifice Stone" that's quite near a similar "Bear's Head Stone" that has appeared on this blog and Rock Piles every once in a while {Like here:}. A more well organized person might have a file that contains more examples of this sort of stone at his or her finger tips, since I know I have more somewhere - and that would include a stone that used to be (and might still be) on the memory pile of stones at the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington CT { }except that I don't have a digital photo of that stone in my collection, which actually looks better in moonlight or fire light which is a whole other story.
Yes, I know that I'm being subjective, assuming I see what Native People's eyes saw as a deer's head, but there's a certain artistic placement here of a stone that recalls a image that is one of many that I I think I see repeated many times. And in other people's photos, like this below that was probably taken from Rock Piles, the tag on the photo HM_06 box esker.jpg 
(Turns out it's not; it's from a Hungarian Website about Pagans:
Here's another of mine, taken on the side of White Deer Rocks Road in my hometown:
Would there be some brush horns added? Maybe:

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