Saturday, October 19, 2013

NEARA 2013 Fall Meeting


NEARA 2013 Fall Meeting, Oct. 25th- 27th in Springfield , MA at the La Quinta Inn & Conference Center.   Details below.

Over the past two hundred years or more, as they roamed America’s northeastern woods, sharp-eyed observers have been finding enigmatic stone structures. These include elegantly constructed chambers, crude stone piles, unusual stone walls and circles, propped boulders, petroglyphs and earthen or stone mounds. Attempts at explanation have been almost as numerous as the finders. Some attribute the features to colonial field clearing, farm food storage (root cellars), animal pens or hunting shelters. Others see similarities to European or Mediterranean structures from pre-Columbian times. Some features seem to be American Indian, used perhaps for ceremonial, astronomical or calendar purposes.
NEARA was founded in 1964 to promote disciplined research exploring the origins and functions of these structures and sites, to document them and to encourage their protection and preservation. Volunteers participate in the search for new sites and enjoy the challenge of better understanding them through the traditional lenses of history, archaeology, anthropology and geology, as well as less established fields such as archaeoastronomy, deed research, and epigraphy.
Evidence has been accumulating but in many cases the mysteries remain unsolved.
NEARA is dedicated to ongoing, disciplined research using the broad spectrum of the talents and abilities of its members and other researchers.  We invite you to share in this unfolding adventure of discovery by joining today.

Meeting theme: "Shedding New Light on Old Cultures"
Topics include:
New England's enigmatic stone sites (including field trips to local sites)
Native American archaeology and spirituality
Viking rune stones
Megalithic stone circles
Nasca lines
See PDF linked below for full program of talks and field trips!
"Dr. Luci"
Conference fees: two-day member fee: $35, two-day non-member fee: $40, Friday only: $20, Saturday only: $30
Banquet meal (with featured speaker Lucianne Lavin) on Saturday night, extra charge of $35.
Download the final program as a PDF here.
Our discounted hotel rate is $99.00 + tax per night (mention NEARA to secure the discount)

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