Monday, September 23, 2013

Did You Have To Do That?

I'd like you to just cut that out, whoever you are. When I'm walking down a road along a river, looking at a row of stones, contemplating about it's age and all the reasons the thing may have been made, I know for sure that it wasn't so that you, the week before last, could come along and do this.
My grandson and I were looking for "turtles," not actual turtles but possible effigies stacked artistically and included in the "stone concentration." He's only 6 and quite open minded, just learning about things like white berries on a vine means poison ivy and three needles on the pine means "R-E-D" and five means "W-H-I-T-E."  The stone row along the river (what's left of it, anyways) might have been built when the road was cleared historically, but when it suddenly veers up from the road and up diagonally toward an outcrop, there's a possibility it might be "prehistoric," which right where we were means "earlier than 1659," when the founders of Pomperauge Plantation quit wandering around and followed the correct river branch to get to what is now called Woodbury CT...

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