Sunday, July 21, 2013

Side Show Archaeology

I didn’t intend to re-visit all these side show exhibits
But I’ve been in and out of all these little tents
Just off the midway
Around the Big Top of Archaeology and Anthropology
(You know:)
People just won’t leave them alone
The Lost Tribes of Israel, Angels and Giants
Greeks and Egyptians and “Anyone but Indians,”
(You know:) The Indians who aren’t from India – “Sitting Bull, not Gandhi.”

I get confused still though, you know,
Trying to remember which one is Bat Creek,
Which one is Grave Creek,
And was King Manure from the Old Dynasty
Or was it the New? Was he IV, III, or II?
Let’s not leave out that Newport Tower
 – although I wish some magician would make that windmill disappear -
Shining White Knights with a strange form of Christian God,
Who doesn’t look Jewish at all.

And it’s always half a story,
Here at the side show:
A find with an ancient alphabet or two or
A horned human skull with leg bones big as a Mastodon’s
Hurry, hurry
 Step right up, used to cost one thin dime,
But now it’s a self published book for $29.99
Available at Amazon, companion DVD preview at YouTube

The other half of the story is pretty boring
The part where the Cultural Forensics Investigation
Proves it was all a fake or fraud
A hoax played by, sometimes on, a Seeker,
And there’s a Seeker born every minute.
And the man who didn’t say that
Couldn’t be sued for his counterfeit Cardiff Giant
Since the original was a fake…

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