Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Constant Prayers to the Creator

Our people have always lived on this sacred and wondrous land,
Ever since the Spirit People made things ready for us and the Creator placed us here.
(Photo: Alyssa Alexandria)
Some remained and became stones of which you can still speak to.
(Photo: Alyssa Alexandria)
(Photo: Carl Bjork)
In times past and now, the People bless the river, the tall trees, the rocks, the mounds, and the trails.
We pray for the health of all the animals, and prudently harvest and manage the great fish runs and herds of deer and elk.
(Cliff Palace Fires; Rex Robinson, © 2000, Kentucky Heritage Council - )

We also have practiced our stewardship of the land, renewed the world with prayers and sacred fires that rise up to the Creator.
(Photo: Carl Bjork*)
Our people have always carried on extensive trade and social relations throughout our territory and beyond.
We also have always traveled to the high places on our traditional trails to worship the Creator at our sacred  sites, the stepping stones for ascent into the sky  world.
(Photo: Alyssa Alexandria)

This whole land stayed in balance, kept that way by our good stewardship, hard work, wise laws, and constant prayers to the Creator.
(Photo: Alyssa Alexandria)

(Based on the Constitution of the Yurok Tribe, Ratified: November 19, 1993 - along with some words from Alyssa Alexandria Runs With Wolves- Cherokee)

*"The little petro looks like (the) flute player. The dots might represent hail stones or the white fire stones that fell from the sky... or just plain old stars," Alyssa writes. 

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