Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leading to the Ridgetop

(You might want to open these photos in a new tab or window for "full effect.")
Back on that April day I was talking about in the post before this one, I recall having to choose which way to go, once I'd come to these "short stretches of stone piles." Some were in a North/South direction on the western slope of the ridgetop, but I could also see some to the East and above me:
(The shadows from the trees are pointing north in the photo above, taken around mid-day. The line of stones/stone piles in the photo can be seen running from the bottom right corner to the "cobbles on either a boulder or bedrock" sort of pile in the center of this image.)
My original intention that had been to see what was "up on top," up above that Snake or Serpent Effigy, so I continued to the top - I think I even said "To the Top!" out loud. Besides, who could resist taking a closer look at such a dramatic appearing group of stones like that?
On the way to it was this one below, sort of like a low domed turtle carapace, if you are looking for that sort of thing. Otherwise it is just a "rock" - which is really a "stone" - a "cobble" at that...

Moving upward:
I have to include the re-touched photo below that either shows a recognition of certain patterns that occur in testudinate or turtle-like petroforms found on Turtle Island or the so-far unrecognised mental illness that is diagnosed by the long term occurance of when someone for an extended period of time "sees turtles everywhere, especially in stones."
(Maybe they will name it after me!)
Moving onward:
The impression I recall is that the piles were mostly "round' sorts of constructions:

I can't honestly say whether or not this boulder is in this "line" of stone constructions. I do know that when I spotted it that it was an "Oh wow!" sort of moment. It was, and still is, a remarkable sort of boulder, very colorful and very beautiful, just below the ridgetop, beckoning a person upward still... the ridgetop.

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