Friday, May 18, 2012

Recollecting Nemasket

"Before I left Lakeville, I visited the old Indian burying-ground; but it is now difficult to recognize it as such, since all the stones have suffered mutilation at vandal hands. Even the Indians graves are not respected, and she who remains is but a solitary figure amidst the rush of invasion, the only type of a race which has now almost vanished from New England." Source: Walter Gilman Page, New England Magazine, “A Descendant of Massasoit”. January 1891, 642-644.
Wootonekanuske and Teweeleema,
 more familiarly known as Charlotte and Melinda Mitchell,
 were the last descendants of Massasoit and lived at Betty's Neck in Lakeville.

 "a rock on a high hill a little to the eastward of the old stone fishing weir, where there is the print of a person's hand in said rock". [Massachusetts Historical Collections Vol. 3d 1810]
"Lenik himself suggests that "the handprint is that of a shaman who has marked the area as a sacred site. The boulder, standing alone on the hilltop, may have been seen as a source of spiritual power. The carving of the handprint may have been a shaman's attempt to derive power from the site."Hand Rock:

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