Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Ancient Zig Zag Rock Wall

They seem to have different names depending on where you go on Turtle Island - stone fences/stone walls, rock walls/rock lines and probably more, sort of like "pop" and "soda," "Dr. Pepper" and "Mr. Phib." Some places they put your groceries in a bag, other places they put them in a sack.

"Hikers"  is a more universal term (as if "universal" is the right word - I see relatively few photos from people hiking on other planets, like I never understood why there weren't Extra-Terrestrial Contestants in the Miss Universe Pagent) and some of them are bloggers who share through digital images the hikes they take to places I'll never go.
So thanks, Todd Lochmoeller/Traveler, for posting this image above of An Ancient Zig Zag Rock Wall and all those other images I'm about to dive on into (watching for the rocks of course) at:

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