Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Google Row

Dave C came across this photo on Google Earth.  
Here it is this morning:
(Looking North)

White Circle: The Google Row in 1934.
Some but not all stone rows, zigzag and linear, show as light lines.
To the left in the photo is a serpent row (, as is the row that points toward a probable rockshelter site,
and toward the Google Row.

This western end of the Google is near a couple big boulders. There's a chance the stone row was "harvested" for stones here.  Someone from a Fox Hunt Club put that chunk of power line pole in there many years ago so they could jump horses at this spot...
Notice how the cobbles are placed on the boulder just to the left of center, how they hug the top of the boulder. I've seen it other places, like below in Bethlehem just the other day...
 and in many other places.

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