Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Highfield Zigzag Rows

Standing in the path looking east, a former field now planted with pines.
Here are some photos of a few segments of Zig Zag stone rows along a now closed road - or a part of road now closed - that has become part of Highfield Country Club. It's another of many Indian trails bordered on both sides by zigzag row firebreaks.
These are carefully made stone rows rather than "thrown up against a rail fence" stones, the mythical version of the origin of zigzag "stone walls,"although over time more recent stones have been thrown into the "vee" of the firebreak, especially on the "field" side (left in the photo above) of this particular stone row (like many others).
Looking west across the zigzag stone row stone bordered Indian Trail.
Note the large boulders on the trail/road side of the closer zigzag row. In places where the trail did not become a road, I sometimes find a stack of stones that often are composed of boulders like these...

Above: An intersecting zigzag stone row, looking south...

Above: Looking east from along the same intersecting zigzag segment toward the Indian Trail.

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