Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Outlines of Stone Mounds in the Melting Snow

An out of place folder, from the first day of the year (2011) had some photos of the mounds in my chicken yard and the stones at the junction of a linear row (that perhaps once connected to the mounds) and a zigzag row that perhaps was at the edge of the Indian Trail, now CT Route 61, and a mast forest resource zone. The boulder is the box turtle petroform I call "Turtle One."
Eastern-most Mounds:

The lower of the two:

The Upper:

Upper-most Mound

Across the highway:

Carapace Stone of Turtle One:

The Nuchal Notch with head stone buried in snow, just visible:

I recall that these two seemed face-like that day:

A mortar-like boulder in the zigzag row:

Back to the upper most mound:

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