Friday, October 15, 2010

Zig Zag Boulder Row

This is part of a Zig Zag Row of Boulders and Cobbles ( see: Snow covered zigzag rows), bordering a branch of a river, just above a Waterfall, composed of many Testudinate Shapes that make a person tend to think that a culture to whom the Turtle was important. Above is one, very close to this one I've shown before (Another Familiar Place and Something "New" ), below.

This one "looks" toward the east, if you consider that it is very probable that the white quartz stone just might have been the turtle head to this petroform perched on a boulder in a row of boulders.

That stone alongside of the quartz head looks a lot like some foreleg stones on other suspected testudinate petroforms I see - or that I imagine I see...
Some more of the row:

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