Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leominster Familiar Shape

I can't make it up to Leominster on Saturday, as much as I would really like to.
I can go back to Peter's posts about the area though, with just a simple little search.
I saw this one from not too long ago:
"A familiar shape," Peter writes. "I find it is worth looking at the shapes of single rocks on rocks."

I've been looking at this shape for quite while now, here on what used to be called Turtle Island. It's the Testudinate Key to the Stonework of Turtle Island. It's the cultural clue that separates the older stonework from the New England Stonewalls and the Agricultural Whatchacallits.
My chicken yard in Woodbury indeed has similar shaped stones among the many that make up the mounds found under all the junk and vegetation.

A variation of that "turtle head and shell in a single stone" is the “a chunk of crystal in the stone” thing; I don’t know if it is luck alone that results in this, but it’s a ‘new to me” motif I just recognized in the Chicken Yard (in the 12 years I've been looking at these mounds).
Here's one I saw for the first time as a turtle just today as a shell and a head pointed upward:
A few from Woodbridge CT:
This is an about four foot long and two foot wide boulder:
This shows an obvious cubist influence:

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