Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. Turtle Again

      Looking at this photo from "theseventhgeneration," I noticed a stone that makes me think of one type of "turtle foot' that I often find on petroforms, here as a wedge in a split rock. I added an outline and an eye of the "head stone" (actually unsure from the photo if it is a separate stone) for maximum testudinate effect to this petroform with a "low dome" carapace that reminds me of a snapping turtle - like the one excavated by chickens up by the old chicken coop in my yard. These two fellows have a similar left front fore leg, the one above pointed toward the aft end of the turtle, the 'chicken yard snapper's" pointed forward...

A few feet away is a second snapper, exhibiting many similar shapes, including that left foreleg...
And we'll travel down to Woodbridge CT for another turtle petroform that has an extended foreleg:

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  1. Very nice!! It is all one stone above the wedge. This reminds me of the duck head effigy rock which is a single rock and only appears as a duck head if you look at it from that angle. Actually, looking back on that duck head rock again, it looks very turtle like as well. Especially because of the "little feet" stones at the base.