Friday, March 05, 2010

Grandfather Rock & Majorville Cairn

Image No: PD-87-10-10 Title: The 'Grandfather Rock', Cluny Earthlodge Village archaeological excavation, Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve, southern Alberta. Date: 1960 Photographer/Illustrator: Glenbow Foundation

Remarks: The site, located 100 km east of Calgary on the Bow River, was excavated under the direction of H.A. Huscher of the Smithsonian Institution. Not a fireplace, the top of this large pile of stones could be seen in front of one of the housepits before excavation. Probably constructed for religious purposes, the rock pile may be the counterpart of sacred Grandfather Rocks of the Mandans. Subject(s): Archaeology / First Nations - Dwellings

Image No: B165-A-1 Title: Majorville Cairn south of Bassano, Alberta. Date: September 15, 1960 Photographer/Illustrator: Glenbow Foundation; Remarks: Medicine wheel recorded by Richard "Dick" Forbis, Glenbow archaeologist. Looking north. Borden number EdPc-1. Subject(s): Archaeology / First Nations of Alberta - Religion and mythology

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