Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Small Detail Part 2

Some past posts about the stones
at the center of the Universe:
rockpiles equinox sunset-2009
 spring equinox (2009)
2007 equinox
2006 map-thing

You might notice linear or zigzag stone rows that appear sometimes as light lines, as well as dark ones - and notice the sort of scallop shape of the small stream around this little sort of island on the first terrace above the floodplain; what you are seeing is the outline of serpentine and zigzag stone rows.

The Path begins on a floodplain corn field, walking to the south on ancient glacial lakeshores:
The zigzag rows visible on the 1934 aerial photo are obscured by the trees at the top of the little rise to the left. The zigzag rows turn into more linear row containing some very interesting stones, sometimes found as sort of circular heaps or mounds, many suggestive of animals, especially turtles all along its course.

Also note the stone row on the left. In previous posts I've called it "the backbone." In the aerial photo, it is the northern (upper) edge of the light colored field. If you follow that row, you end up at a rockshelter...

As the row turns linear, descending to the floodplain, it abruptly stops. 

(We pause to look back north rather than the southerly view we've had in all the above photos; note the large 'end stone' boulder with a rather testudinate stone sitting on top of it... )

Check the aerial photo; do you think the stone row points to those 4 Stones?
Today it seems, to me, as if the landscape was made into
a sort of Medicine Wheel, not at a remote location, but here at this habitation site...

As the crow flies, you end up near here:

There is apparently a parking problem
at the symbolic Center of the Universe.

  If you'd been wondering about that other white dot a little NW of the 4 stones in the '34 photo, it is  most likely this stone to the west of this (twisted) apple tree, perhaps all that is left of the stone burial mound... 
Approaching the northern most boulder/standing stone...

Standing at the North Stone, high noon on Ground Hog's Day, the sun behind clouds.
Walking south, I find the 4th boulder, the South Stone...

I went back and lined myself up with the 4 Stones, centered myself with the Great Mystery, and eventually took a photo looking in each of those four directions, in a sun-wise circle, East, South, West, and North...

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