Monday, March 19, 2007


I’ll be working at sunset tomorrow, March 20, so I won’t be standing by the stones I call the Calendar, just above the remnants of a burial ground, on the first terrace above the floodplain where there once were Indian cornfields when my town was first “settled.”
But I know that if I stand along a row of low stones (that are covered with snow and ice right now), right behind the original location of a boulder that Jamie the banjo player knocked out of the path, mowing for a fox hunt club many years ago, I’d see the sunset directly above another boulder about 95 feet away.
And maybe, just before sunrise, looking at something called the "Stupid Sheet" I linked to from Rock Piles, I’d see the Pleiades set over the same stone that shows the Summer Solstice Sunset. I say maybe because I’ve never tried it and just noticed it said that at: . (Our numbers don't match up I know, but that magnetic North drifts about...)
More about Pleiades (Subaru in Japanese by the way, and hence the emblem on the front of the cars) here:
(Did I say Hence? I’m not sure I’ve ever said that before, other than quoting someone.)
And when I find “The Delaware Big House Ceremony” by Frank Speck, I’ll re-read it and tell you if I am remembering correctly about these “seven special stars” that were first talking stones, then trees, and finally the stars…

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