Saturday, September 26, 2009

Searching for the Serpent


I'll tell you right up front: I got pleasantly lost looking for the above "Serpent in Usquepaug, RI" while sitting in my computer chair again this morning.
And I'll tell you again, like a demented parrot repeating "Bing Maps" and "Bird's Eye View," that I kept changing the view to get a look at the stone rows that sometimes stand out best using a southerly view.

I never found it, but I really found the stone rows intriguing.

Like this one near Bailey Pond in particular:

These below might be dismissed as a "cowpath," but as I switch view points, I think I see more than two rows, maybe some "stone heaps," possible effigies, inside the "cowpath," like some similar places I've been around here, where I can't convince myself that a farmer made a cowpath with turtles in the middle of it for the cows to admire on their way to dead end the double row turns into at the big outcrop overlooking a spring or other water feature that's also bordered with stone:

Note: There are snake-like stone rows near where I am in western CT, but they don't always show well. This (abused by ATV riders) snake row doesn't really show up at all:

I just deleted what I thought was an image of it when I realized I was totally wrong...

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