Friday, September 25, 2009

Computer Chair Travel

JimP's recent post about Westerly (Westerly Sun - Discovery of Indian remains ends ho... ) got me thinking about some stone rows and stone piles that I'd stumbled upon in Rhode Island (I first read Manitou while camping in Burlingame State Park). So I made use of the bing maps "bird's eye view" feature; sometimes you get lucky and can find a row you know as you change the angle from north to south to east to west.
Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
Fort Ninigret above was easy.
I couldn't find a spiral row I'd come across (in 1991) in Burlingame, but here's an example of stone rows in the park:

I did find a Turtle I'd canoed to:

I remember trying to figure out how to tresspass into this "Deer Run Road" area because I thought perhaps there might be a stone row deer run deal, sort of like the same technology as a fish weir made of stone but for deer instead of fish, perhaps fire instead of water.
I never did it on the ground but did capture an image this morning that just might suggest such a thing...

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