Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking Another Look Back to The Large Mound in 1934

I looked at those photos I posted yesterday - and said to myself, "Self, look at 1934 photo just one more time,compare that to the later ones again, and re-think that circle you drew around (what I thought was) the Very Large Mound."
So I did.
And I called up the image from Google Earth and used that "Path/Line" function to do some measuring and went back to the CT State Library Digital Collections ( where I had found the 1934 (and 1965) images.
Since 1934, the trees have grown in around (up to?)the Very large Stone Mound, which is about 500 feet, plus or minus, from the SE and SW borders of the field or a little less than half way across the field.
So here's the spot I came up with: And here's as much as I can magnify the image:

So, at least today, I think that I'm seeing the mound in 1934, with the apple tree to its East, and some fuzzy images that suggest maybe an inclosure made of perhaps stones. I seem to remember some stone rows in that area that's grown in with trees and brush now.

Perhaps I'll find some time to return there today...

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