Friday, February 09, 2007

Nova Scotia Link

Because I saw the link at RockPiles, ,
I'm posting these for "greatmuin."
(And the others who read these rants too.)
I saw greatmuin's photos, asked some questions and promised a post.

Sorry about the quality of the images...

I found an old history that talked about a burial grounds; spotting the oldest of trees near where it might have been, I was intrigued by a serpentine row of stones I first noticed by a large Hemlock.

I drew this in 1994 maybe:

This later but looks like I was too lazy (or busy, maybe) to make them look as serpentine as they really are:

Detail of the terrible photo:

The row turns to zigzag as you follow it south - and connects to other rows. It's hard to capture in photos...

I threw this in as an after thought, a musing about the landscape as a turtle.
We are Waking Up On Turtle Island after all...

Some featuresof the many rows, often repeated elsewhere...


  1. Hi Tim
    Thank you for posting The Nova Scotia Link to my Blog. I see similar zig zag or serpentine walls. I see alingments of carins and quartz rocks about.Tim you need to take off (edit)the comma on the end of the Blog Link. Thx and cheers for now. ME