Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Friend of Mine

I just got back into contact with a long time friend, Roger Makepeace.

Walking anywhere with him was like having a living fieldguide to the plant kingdom.
Knowing my interest in stone rows, he sent me this photo, writing "Found miles of lace walls in the Andes" when he went to Peru and Bolivia last winter.

He's got a website at and a blog at where he's got photos that always come to my mind about the bigoted statement you hear about "Indians weren't intelligent enough to build with stone," especially when I think about corn and other veggies traveling along trade routes.

There's lots more fine photos of more stonework at Machu Pichu and else where at his site

I owe thanks to his sister Anne Makepeace ( )
who is currently working on a project for PBS:

"From the award-winning PBS series American Experience comes "We Shall Remain," the most ambitious primetime television series and media project on Native history ever produced."

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